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Thread Have a chuckle
Wed, Mar 19 2008 4:03 AMPermanent Link

Roy Lambert

NLH Associates

Team Elevate Team Elevate

This was sent to me by a colleague

A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars, then insured them against, among other things, fire.
Within a month, having smoked his entire stockpile of these great cigars and without yet having made even his first premium payment on the policy the lawyer filed a claim against the insurance company.
In his claim, the lawyer stated the cigars were lost "in a series of small fires." The insurance company refused to pay, citing the obvious reason, that the man had consumed the cigars in the normal fashion.
The lawyer sued and WON!
(Stay with me.)
Delivering the ruling, the judge agreed with the insurance company that the claim was frivolous. The judge stated nevertheless, that the lawyer held a policy from the company, which it had warranted that the cigars were insurable and also guaranteed that it would insure them against fire, without defining what is considered to be unacceptable "fire" and was obligated to pay the
claim. Rather than endure lengthy and costly appeal process, the insurance company accepted the ruling and paid $15,000 to the lawyer for his loss of the cigars lost in the "fires".
After the lawyer cashed the check, the insurance company had him arrested on 24 counts of ARSON!!!
With his own insurance claim and testimony from the previous case being used against him, the lawyer was convicted of intentionally burning his insured property and was sentenced to 24 months in jail and a $24,000 fine.
This is a true story and was the First Place winner in the recent Criminal Lawyers Award Contest.
Wed, Mar 19 2008 7:17 AMPermanent Link

"Fons Neelen"

Indeed !!  I've had a good laugh though. The American law works in
mysterious ways..

Wed, Mar 19 2008 1:28 PMPermanent Link

"J. B. Ferguson"

While I agree that sometimes *some* American laws work in mysterious
ways, as do *some* of all countries laws IMHO, here is something else
to look at.


Jan Ferguson

Fons Neelen wrote:

<<Indeed !!  I've had a good laugh though. The American law works in
<<mysterious ways..

Thu, Mar 20 2008 3:30 AMPermanent Link

Roy Lambert

NLH Associates

Team Elevate Team Elevate

You always get some rotten spoilsport - but I do like the Cakes & Ale link.

Roy Lambert