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Thread Table is not in edit or insert mode
Mon, Mar 24 2008 4:34 AMPermanent Link

Roy Lambert

NLH Associates

Team Elevate Team Elevate

Has anyone seen this weirdo

D2006, a reasonably complex form using a mixture of TMS and homebrew components, plus a DBMemo and a DBRichEdit, ElevateDB 1.08 WinXP SP2

If the first component I click into is the DBRichEdit and I then click onto the TDBAdvStringGrid I get an error "Table is not in edit or insert mode."

Following a post I removed master-detail relationships, events, etc but still get the error (there is one link left where Calls is synched with Project otherwise there's no data shown).

I've linked in the debug dcu's, and as far as I can determine there are only two places where DatabaseError is called with SNotEditing (which is the string holding the error message) and whatever is causing the problem doesn't pass through either of them.

If I simply click on the TDBAdvStringGrid or a navigator button causing the table to scroll I don't get the problem, or if the DBRichEdit is empty I don't get the problem.

This is definitely a WTF situation and any help is appreciated.

Roy Lambert

ps I'll also post in the CodeGear ngs and report back if I get a solution