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Thread My comment about Elevatesoft's business practices
Wed, Mar 26 2008 2:26 AMPermanent Link

Last year I was going to take advantage of the special upgrade pricing for
ElevateDB even though I had no plans on using ElevateDB in the near future.
The upgrade fee, while very reasonable, had a short timeframe and since it
was relatively quick, Tim made a public offer to split the fee into
payments.  I took him up on that offer and was appreciative.

Recently, Elevatesoft started charging for support and are about to release
EDB V2.  I had a couple of issues (complaints really) I wanted to mention to
Tim but I held off and then the relatively large negative discussion broke
out.  I hated to complain to him after that discussion but I wanted to let
him know my thoughts, so I send him a short list of complaints.

Within hours, Time replied and he addressed my complaints (Because that is
what they were) and I wasn't expecting him to do so.  The bottom line is my
complaints were addressed and I'm very happy.