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Wed, Mar 26 2008 3:17 PMPermanent Link

"Mark A. Andrews"

Tim and I have had an exchange of private email and have come to what I
hope is a mutually respectful and beneficial arrangement.

Some of you think I was obnoxious in the previous discourse and others
have said that I was wrong in my thinking. I am not asking for a rehash

I will say that it was not my intention to insult, defame or offend
anyone, least of all Tim. Being a small software developer myself, I DO
understand all the aspects of running a small business, from creating a
feature list to carrying out the trash and juggling the financial
commitments. So, I am very appreciative of the position Tim is in and
have no problem with him changing his business model to one that is more
financially positive.

I wish him and all of you the best of luck in whatever endeavors you