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Thread Ping electrical engineers.
Thu, Feb 19 2009 6:51 AMPermanent Link

I think Roy is one anyone else ?

I fancy a small DataCenter so whats involved here in
the UK  ?
I was thinking 2 X 47u cabinets to start with in a small
office suite.
I really dont know why I should go to one of the big
centers as co-lo ?
Surely you can connect to the backbone on the cheap ?

Then u have the servers themselves to consider I was
thinking the VPS way but cant someone come up with
a similair hack on the hardware. Think about it VMware
carves up the HD into say 4 VPS machines, it then shares
the hardware resources like ram mb and so on.
There must be a way to cobble something together for
each VPS to have 2gb of ram and so on instead of
47 X 1u boxes.
I have a vision of 47 X 500gb HDD with 2gb ram soldered
to them on a clothes line here Winkbut I think u know what I
All answers welcome. In fact I think I will ask MIT they
do stuff like this Wink