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Thread Ping Roy or other SKY subscribers.
Tue, Mar 17 2009 9:59 AMPermanent Link

Since Tiscalli have taken over Pipex my service has
gone down the pan. I was thinkin of Sky max coz
the price looks right and I can add it to my telly pack.
So do u find them ok or are they throttled ?
Pipex was so good but now its throttled day and night
plus if Kenneth and I go online playin poker I could
walk to Vegas and get my cards quicker.
I just want a quicker connection that does not bomb.
See promo pic.

Attachments: skymax.png
Wed, Mar 18 2009 10:28 AMPermanent Link

I take the flood of replies = how good it is.
My enquires so far have gleemed if the LLU
local loop unbundle has been activated in my
area then drop the BT line and get Sky Talk
and my Broadband will be the best ever.
Hold on look whats on the way pheeeeeew.