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Thread OT: word processor comp or classes
Sat, Aug 22 2009 11:03 AMPermanent Link

Paul Baumann

i am searching a word processor comp or classes.

i already know wptools and trichview. the first is to expensive and second to much html editor.
I dont need a very feature rich comp. it is only for business letters, so i dont need header or footers etc, but tables schould be possible and
form letters.
Perhabs someone knows such a comp or made some for own needs is willing to share this for reasonable price.

thank you

greetings from germany Paul
Sun, Aug 23 2009 4:04 AMPermanent Link

David Puett
On 08-22-2009, Paul Baumann <ratz1@online.de> wrote:

> Hello,

> i am searching a word processor comp or classes.

I'd recommend WPTools.  Sure it is expensive, but you buy it and you
have it for other apps as well.  Also, if you are looking to use it for
business letters, you probably want mail-merge at some point.

I'd recommend buying an app once that will have all of your now and
future needs rather than buying a limited app that you will probably
outgrow and then need another component.

Plus it is _really_ impressive to demo an app with a full word
processor built in.  Clients swoon.

I'm trying a new usenet client for Mac, Nemo OS X, since 0 days.
You can download it at http://www.malcom-mac.com/nemo
Sun, Aug 23 2009 8:41 AMPermanent Link

Roy Lambert

NLH Associates

Team Elevate Team Elevate


Like David I can recommend WPTools. I've owned and upgraded roughly as long as with ElevateSoft's products. Form letters are easy with whatever tool you use but tables puts you into the major league. If price is a major issue then I'd suggest searching Torry and the CodeGear newsgroups for hints in how to do it yourself with a standard TRichText. I think I remember seeing something on there about it.

Roy Lambert