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Thread Tim Young Visits the Great Southern Land
Tue, Dec 15 2009 11:27 AMPermanent Link

Charalampos Michael
Dear All,

It's Michael! Smile)

It's Michail in my ID but the correct is Michael!!!

.... according to WikiPedia and various other sources:

and it's also my last name but i don't have any problem
since in order to say my first name you need to have
a Long File Name support enabled in your brains. Smiley

Thank you!

Steve, don't let Rita drag you too ... She's an evil woman ... <bg>


Dear Steve,

> Hi Mihail,
> None that I know of.

Well, a good reason to stay in Greece. Smile

Charalampos Michael - [Creation Power] - http://www.creationpower.gr
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