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Thread "Unit dbisamsq was compiled with a different version of dbisamst.DBISAM_TYPESTR_INT32"
Tue, Sep 11 2012 4:59 AMPermanent Link


I finally got around to upgrading to DBISAM 4.33 (from 4.10!)
Trying to compile the demo app, I get the message above.
I found a similar problem on here relating to 4.27 and tried following the instructions to fix the problem.
I've uninstalled, re-installed, checked for old versions, all to no avail.
It seems that the only way I can the program to compile is to copy all the source into the code directory.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions.
Thu, Sep 13 2012 9:52 AMPermanent Link

Fernando Dias

Team Elevate Team Elevate


As none of us seem to be able to answer your question, I suggest you to contact Elevate support by email.
I'm sure you are going to get an answer very fast.

Fernando Dias
[Team Elevate]