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Thread Two lookup comboboxes for a single field -- sorted differently
Tue, Aug 21 2007 2:59 AMPermanent Link


I have a table with two lookup fields (personal number and name) referencing another table
(employees). I have two dblookupcomboboxes side by side for these two fields. What I want
is to have the entries in these two comboboxes sorted independantly, so that the items in
the "name" combobox are ordered alphabetically, and the personal number in the other
combobox are ordered numerically. (Note that the personal number has nothing to do with
the ID). Naturally, both comboboxes select a value for a single field of the table
(ID_Employee). How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance,
Tue, Aug 21 2007 4:10 AMPermanent Link

Roy Lambert

NLH Associates

Team Elevate Team Elevate


1. Use two instances of the table (or two queries or 1 table and one query) reflecting the different orders
2. Use ComboBoxes not DBComboboxes and populate manually.

Roy Lambert