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Thread Error #11010
Wed, Aug 28 2019 10:06 AMPermanent Link

Peter van Mierlo


I have created several tables with dbsys.exe, see attachment. But with 1 tables i got the error
DBISAM Engine Error # 11010 Table or backup file GroupContact does not exist.

All tables are created with dbsys so i would expect that backup files also created. This is the only table which
gives me this error. When appending from within the program to other tables there's no issue, only this one.

What did i already do:
- created new table (several times)
- put them on local storage instead of map drive Z:..
- add record from within dbsys then it's no problem
- disable virus scanner

Any suggestions ?

Attachments: TOTALCMD64_VioWk5nV4h.png
Wed, Aug 28 2019 10:30 AMPermanent Link

Peter van Mierlo

I found what causes this error.

There was a TDBISAMQuery connected to the same session as this table
Before i add some records i did a check with this query if some recordss already exists.

Strange that this can happen ...2 different components

Regards Peter