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Thread Windows 10 problem
Thu, Sep 26 2019 8:29 AMPermanent Link

Frederic Schneider


Windows 10 has a bug when adding a user on the machine, the user doesn't gain read/write access to ProgramData.
Verify the security tab of the properties of the directory and give read/write/delete access to all users.

Kind regards
Thu, Sep 26 2019 4:17 PMPermanent Link

Jose Eduardo Helminsky

HPro Informatica

I have had some weird problems with accents and other weird search problems.

And it was completelly solved when I moved the client EXE to a new folder instead of "c:\program files"

My tip is:

- Put the database and client EXE into a new folder called "c:\<the name you wish>" and *ALL* the problems will dissapear

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