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Thread EDB-Manager : View generated SQL
Mon, Mar 19 2007 1:22 PMPermanent Link

Heiko Knuettel
No big deal...it just would be nice to have a "View generated SQL before
execution"-checkbox in EDB-Manager.

I just failed creating my first table because of a SQL error in line 4...and no clue what
is in line 4 Wink
Would also serve educational purposes.


Mon, Mar 19 2007 2:44 PMPermanent Link

Roy Lambert

NLH Associates

Team Elevate Team Elevate


If you click back up at the database for your table you'll find an sql tab. The code that's just failed will be in there. You can edit it and re-run.

Roy Lambert
Mon, Mar 19 2007 2:51 PMPermanent Link

Heiko Knuettel
Thank you ! That's even better...