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Thread ANN: Context Database Designer & Extensions v.3 are now available with support for Delphi 2009!
Tue, Jul 14 2009 2:16 PMPermanent Link

Michael Baytalsky
Dear Friends!

We are happy to announce the first public beta release of Context Database
Designer & Database Extensions v.3.02.
This version introduces several major improvements over version 2 including
full support for Delphi 2009.

Context Database Designer Improvements:

 - User Interface is redesigned to provide modal-less way of viewing and
changing database object properties (Object Properties window);
 - Added customizable template-based documentation generation wizard;
 - Greatly improved schema comparison tool;
 - Greatly improved schema searching/management tool;
 - Greatly improved schema importing capabilities;
 - Redesigned database connection management facility;
 - All database objects including tables and views can be setup to produce
 or not produce SQL, allowing to keep them in "design" mode;
 - Added ability to open several SQL consoles for the same database connection;
 - Added syntax database engine-specific syntax highlighting to all script windows;
 - Views can now be added to the diagrams in the same way as tables,
 including view columns and relationships;
 - Added object assistant window (part of Database Schema Tree View )
 allowing to quickly lookup objects found in scripts or diagrams;
 - Added support for Elevate DB 2 and Nexus 3;
 - Improved support for Oracle, including complete reverse engineering;
 - and more.

Context Database Extensions Improvements:

 - Views are now stored in the same collection with tables and have all
of the table's properties, including fields, indexes, foreign keys, etc.
 - Added components for disconnected mode:

   - TCtxDataContainer - small in-memory data storage, with build-in
  transactional and referential integrity;
   - TCtxDataSet - in-memory dataset, accessing data from TCtxDataContainer;
   - TCtxDataCommand - simple, generic, parametrized SQL command, which is
  implemented by each particular data provider;
   - TCtxDataAdapter - a collection of TCtxDataCommands, implementing
  generic multi-table CRUD paradigm;
   - TCtxCommandBuilder - virtualized infrastructure for editing data
  commands in design- and run-time.

 - Added SystemTableName which allows to have several independent schemas
within a single database.

Both products are immediately available for download at:

Users, how has purchased Context Database Extensions within 90 days will
automatically be upgraded to version 3.0.

Preorder your copy of Database Designer and Extensions now at:

New prices will be in effect upon final release, which is scheduled
around the end of July.

Michael Baytalsky
Context Software LLC.