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Thread ANN: Context Database Designer & Extensions v.3 are now available with support for Delphi 2009!
Sat, Jul 25 2009 1:52 PMPermanent Link

Michael Baytalsky
Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the new release of Context Database
Designer & Database Extensions v. 3.03.

This version introduces several improvements and bug fixes:

#597 Show object class icon instead of class name in the diagram tabs.
#598 Change icons for objects in editor to the standard ones (without the arrows).
#599 Added option to the object editor grid: Tab (Shift-Tab) moves to next
column in grid.
#600 Added description colum to the object editor for table's fields.
#601 Added Schema Statistics modal dialog (see under File | Schema Statistics).
#603 When creating a relationship which automatically creates foreign key fields
in the child table, convert autoinc to integer.
#607 Added support for MAX value to the SQLServer (2005 and greater) profile.
This is done in generic fashion by adding notion of "value aliases". It is now
possible to define aliases to any field values.
#614 Added button Clear Log to the Import & Reverse Engineering tool.
#619 Added selection of diagram objects by right mouse click.
#620 Added macro fields in text boxes. For example, a field could read
{%Author%} and it will replaced by the Author property of schema when displaying
on diagram.
#621 Improved visual appearance of tollbars and splitters.
#622 Added zooming on mouse wheel when holding Ctrl key.
#624 Added default diagram page properties that are applied to all new diagram
#626 Auto Layout Tables command is removed from right mouse menu. This command
should not be too accessible and it is sufficient to have it in top menu.
#631 Added feature: highlight and underline fields which are part of a focused

Issues Addressed
#596 All schema class names and aliases should be unform across application
(<Class>: <Name>)
#602 Fixed bug with not setting valid cardinality when adding relationship by
drawing it on a diagram.
#604 Fixed access violation when creating and then dropping a relationship from
a diagram.
#605 Disabled right mouse select feature in schema tree view, which caused
#606 Fixed access violation when deleting tables that have relationships to
other tables.
#608 Fixed buf in schema consistency test. Errors and warnings should be
filtered before showing errors when creating version checkpoints.
#609 Fixed bug in setup with wrong adapter name assignment in several adapters
(e.g. Nexus3). This use to cause error when attempting to load adapter.
#610 Corrected errors in help file. Help file is updated to reflect most recent
#611 Fixed bugs with diagram commands remaining enabled when diagrams are not
available (e.g. Delete Page and Page Properties).
#612 Corrected visual layout and tab order in all dialogs to make their
appearance and behaviour more uniform througout the application.
#613 Fixed access violation when displaying custom object in a schema where
there's no definition for a specified custom object class is found in the
database profile.
#615 Changed behaviour in Import & Reverse Engineering. It should not abort on
error, but show error in log and continue processing instead.
#616 Fixed access violation when double clicking in an empty schema manager window.
#617 Fixed bug with not focusing tool windows (Schema Tree View, Database
Connections, etc.) when activating them via shortcut keys.
#618 Fixed bug - unable to select database via keyboard in Reverse Engineering
dialog. It would always go into [New database] dialog.
#623 Fixed bug with text boxes replacing CR/LN with and not restoring this when
going back to editing.
#625 Fixed bug with some commands in object editor not being disabled or hidden
for text box objects.
#627 Fixed bug with renaming tables - it would not assign name "Table" to the
table named "table" because they appear the same due to case insensitive comparison.
#628 Fixed bug with some icons not showing correctly when working under virtual
machine (Virtual PC).
#629 Fixed bug with escape not working when dragging and dropping tables and
views (escape should cancel operation).
#630 Fixed bug - after dragging & dropping of a table or a view to a diagram,
object editor pops up hiding the diagram table/view object. Need to "move table
into view" after showing the object editor. This should be done irrespective of
the option to move table into view.

Both products are immediately available for download at:


See screenshots here:

General Information About Context Database Designer

Context Database Designer is a great tool for designing and
managing database schemas. It provides the full cycle of database
schema design and maintenance, including: creating of tables,
relations, views and stored procedures; drawing of sophisticated
and professional looking diagrams; maintaining the history of
changes made to the database schema; comparing any two
versions of any two schemes, viewing the difference and instantly
building upgrade SQL script for any given database engine.

We believe, that Context Database Designer is one of the most
powerfull, flexible and feature-rich tools available on the
market today. We highly appreciate your comments and suggestions
that help us making it even better and more accessible for all
database developers.

Fully functional trial version is available at:

Context Database Designer

Context Database Extensions

For more details, please go to
and refer to the included help files, demos and screenshots.

Michael Baytalsky
e-mail: mike@contextsoft.com
Sat, Jul 25 2009 1:55 PMPermanent Link

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