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Thread ANN: PrintDAT! 1.59c released - Make your grids & tables printable
Thu, Oct 22 2009 11:41 AMPermanent Link

PrintDAT! v1.59c has just been released for Delphi 2010.

Produce reports in just 5 seconds from your grids, tables, or queries.
Print TdbGrid, TCustomGrid, TStringGrid, TListBox, TTable, TDataset,
TQuery, TDecisionGrid, TwwDbGrid, and more. Can also export data to CSV

Supports 3rd party products: InfoPower, DBISAM, ElevateDb, NexusDb,
Advantage, and more.

Drop a TpdtPrintDAT component on your form and select the object to
print. Add "pdtPrintDAT.Print;" to a button or menu item and you're
done. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Supports Delphi 3 to 2010. Complete source code included.
Visit www.grebarsys.com for more information or to download our free
PrintDAT! eval component.

Grebar Systems