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Thread ANN: Context Database Designer v.3.05 is now available!
Thu, Oct 29 2009 2:13 PMPermanent Link

Michael Baytalsky
Dear Friend,

We are happy to announce the new release of Context Database Designer v.3.05.

This version introduces several improvements and bug fixes:
#668. Added object properties inpsector to Schema Comparison tool.

#669. Added selective comparison option to Schema Comparison tool.
#670. Added object properties inpsector to Schema Comparison tool.

#671. Added option to search "everywhere " to the Schema Manager Tool.

#672. Fixed bug in Database Connection Properties dialog (stored wrong
OnOpen/OnClose SQL Script).

#673. Fixed bug in Nexus 3 profile (generation of fields description, generation
and reverse engineering of StorageEngine property).

#674. Fixed bug with overriding of field properties by empty domain properties.
#675. Fixed bug with VARBINARY in MSSQL2005 profile with MAX property.

#676. Fixed erros in documentation generation templates.

#677. Added reverse engineer command to Database Connection window.

#678. Improved PreviewSQL editor UI by replacing the toolbar with navigation panel.

#679. Fixed code hightlighter for the Enumerations preview panel (it should be
#680. Fixed bug in import/reverse engineering (not removing system table from

#682. Added support for Text Indexes in ElevateDB 2.

The product is immediately available for download at:

 - http://www.contextsoft.com/products/dbdesign/downloads.jsp

Order your copy of Context Database Designer now at:

 - http://www.contextsoft.com/products/dbdesign/ordering.jsp

Michael Baytalsky
Context Software LLC.
e-mail: mike@contextsoft.com