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Thread ANN: Context Database Designer v.3.09 is now available! (30% OFF till Jan 15!)
Tue, Jan 12 2010 1:53 PMPermanent Link

Michael Baytalsky
Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the new release of Context Database Designer v.3.09.

Hurry up, 30% off Christmas Sale is going on now and will end on January 15!

This version introduces several improvements and bug fixes:
#718. Added ability to mark Database Connection as default (it will be highlighted in bold in tree
view). This can be convenient when switching between view or scripts window to SQL Console.

#719. Added a quick way to select a database connection from any script window by using a toolbar
button with a popup menu. Pressing that button opens SQL Console with the default database
connection. Pressing button's arrow allows to select a database connection from the popup menu.

#720. Added MySQL5 profile (separated from MySQL4). Improved reverse engineer for MySQL v.5 database.

#721. Improved PostgreSQL profile (added support for COMMENT ON token).

#722. Fixed minor bugs in Oracle profile (all constraints and triggers to be dropped shoud be
dropped before altering corresponding tables, importing MaxValue for Sequences
where MaxValue is larger then MaxInt).

#723. Fixed bug with relationship cardinality being determined incorrectly during import procedure.

The product is immediately available for download at:

 - http://www.contextsoft.com/products/dbdesign/downloads.jsp

Order your copy of Context Database Designer now at:

 - http://www.contextsoft.com/products/dbdesign/ordering.jsp

Michael Baytalsky
Context Software LLC.
e-mail: mike@contextsoft.com