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Thread Multi-Core / Multi-Thread ?
Fri, Aug 16 2013 3:47 AMPermanent Link

Roy Lambert

NLH Associates

Team Elevate Team Elevate


>Hey Roy,

>Do you have your credit card handy?? Smile

Yes, I'm keeping an eye on it just so you can't start spending my money!

>Seriously though, will using parallel operations really speed things up that much on a normal machine with say 4 processors? Sure if you had a monster machine with 32 processors, parallel operations would make better use of the processors that otherwise might be underutilized.
>But on a busy EDB server with 4 processors, the other 3 processors would be handling other queries. So from my reasoning, if you used 3 or 4 processors in parallel to handle one query on a machine with only 4 processors, the other queries would back up.
>So unless you had a lot of processors, parallel operations probably won't make much speed difference.
>You'd be far better off cramming as much RAM as possible into the machine.

I'm on your side. Unless you have some very VERY large databases (or some very complex queries) its isn't going to make much difference. To me its on a par with everyone wanting 64bit everything. For non-computationally intensive operations I'm fairly sure that a 32bit (and probably a 16bit) PC can run faster than I can type. MAJOR DISCLAIMER I do not include Word or similar programs in this claim.Those I think need 256bit PCs before they can keep up!

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