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Thread New EWB 3 Beta Build 7 Uploaded
Wed, Mar 11 2020 11:20 AMPermanent Link

Tim Young [Elevate Software]

Elevate Software, Inc.


Email timyoung@elevatesoft.com

Okay, I just uploaded a new Build 7 that fixes all outstanding issues with the EWB 3 beta.

In addition:

1) All of the example projects have been tested and any issues with them fixed for EWB 3.  During this process, I have removed both the DatabaseClient and DatabaseModule (Delphi - web server module) example projects because they don't really apply anymore to EWB 3 (there's no point to creating custom database modules anymore, so they have been, in essence, deprecated).  I have replaced the DatabaseClient example project with a plain FishFacts example project.  You will need to install the example applications again via the Help menu in the IDE in order to add the new FishFacts dataset that is used with this new example project.

2) The web server modules have been tested now and should work without issue.  Remember to make sure to recompile them using the EWB 3 web server modules installation if you want to test them with the beta.  Also, the web server modules installation will have a new name in one of the upcoming beta builds.  I need to add the external module integration support for the new EWB 3 server application interpreter, and that will be included with the existing web server modules installation.

3) I will be doing the beta introduction videos shortly.  I got sidetracked with some of the bug fixes that took longer than expected, and that put me behind.

4) Things seem pretty stable now with the client browser applications, so I will be moving on to finishing up the rest of the missing features on the server-side/IDE.

Thanks !

Tim Young
Elevate Software