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Thread Defining Databases and Datasets
Wed, Mar 11 2020 6:39 PMPermanent Link

Richard Harding

Wise Nutrition Coaching

I still do not understand defining Databases and Datasets.

Can I import EWB2 databases and datasets into EWB3?

Parameters in the datasets result in an error. For example,
SELECT *   FROM Countries WHERE ISOCode={ISOCode='AU'} results in an error "Expected expression but instead found {". This worked OK in EWB2.

Can I find what the SQL is after the parameters in datasets are replaced with the actual value?

There is an option to "Log Selects" when editing a Dataset. Where is the log? There is a file C:\Users\rhard\AppData\Local\Elevate Software\Elevate Web Builder 3\server\ewbsrvr.db.log created but I cannot find it.

Happy 50th birthday for tomorrow. (It is already tomorrow in Australia). Hope you have the opportunity to take a short break to celebrate not only your birthday but everything that you have achieved with EWB3.

Thu, Mar 12 2020 11:59 AMPermanent Link

Tim Young [Elevate Software]

Elevate Software, Inc.


Email timyoung@elevatesoft.com


<< Can I import EWB2 databases and datasets into EWB3? >>

No, the datasets use a different parameter architecture from EWB 2.  Instead of the generic parameter architecture of EWB 2, EWB 3 uses the native parameter handling of the underlying engine/SQL dialect being used.  For example, with EWB 3 you can define INSERT statements like this for an ADO/SQL Server dataset:

INSERT INTO Customers (Contact,Name) VALUES (:Contact,:Name))

thus allowing you to capture generated values/IDs as output parameters when using SQL Server.

I will cover all of this in the video that I'm putting out today.  I got a little sidetracked after the initial beta, and it's taken longer than expected to get it out.

Tim Young
Elevate Software