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Thread Google Map
Fri, Feb 11 2022 12:51 PMPermanent Link



I just landed in the middle of some new functionality for my client involving Maps. After studying the TMap components it looks very promising by having the possibility to display the map and add points. This is for live tracking of 10-15 vessels around the globe. These points need to display a property box with the vessels Name, positions, speed, etc. That sounds doable with the TMap component.

The next request I'm not so sure about. It is also required to show the vessels tracks for the last X hours. Each vessel will log the position every X min and post to the cloud database. I see in the google map documents a mention about Polylines which is basically a set of coordinates that line is drawn from. From what I can see in the implementation of TMap such functionality does not exists. Has anyone else tried to implement this through the google.maps.Polyline function?

I'm not very strong in Javascript but based on how the TGooglePoint is implemented I guess I could try to implement a TGooglePolyline object that emits google.maps.polyline and add it to the TMap component.

Anyhow, if anyone have done any similar projects, let me know


Eivind Brenne
Fri, Feb 11 2022 4:35 PMPermanent Link


And how does one popup an Info window for a marker? I mean just a simple popup windows where you can put some custom text. I see there is a hint type of text coming up when you hover over a marker but I need the InfoWindow type of popup once the marker is clicked.


Eivind Brenne
Sat, Feb 12 2022 4:30 PMPermanent Link


I have not used TMap at all, however from what you are considering future possible requests so you need flexibility - perhaps running it in a TBrowser would provide such?