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Sat, Nov 30 2019 8:21 AMPermanent Link

Walter Matte

Tactical Business Corporation

Douglas do you host with EWB Web Server or some other and which?

Sun, Dec 1 2019 12:23 AMPermanent Link


Comca Systems, Inc

Walter Matte wrote:

>>Do you use the EWB Server to host your EWB built applications?

YES, working good, no problems.

Mon, Dec 2 2019 11:15 AMPermanent Link

Douglas Lyman

>>> Walter Matte wrote:
>>> Douglas do you host with EWB Web Server or some other and which?

Yes we host the EWB Web Server.
Mon, Dec 2 2019 3:13 PMPermanent Link


We use the EWB Server to host our EWB built applications. For the small internal projects it is used for at the moment, features are adequate.
Mon, Dec 2 2019 11:27 PMPermanent Link

Paul Coshott


Hey All,

With our current project, we're using EWB server with Firebird, writing dll's for all the data access, emailing, pdf reports etc with Delphi 10.2. It's all working really well, and quick too. Returning a few hundred member's details to list in a grid takes about 1 second.

With our next project, I will be writing our own server using TMS's XData product (again with Firebird). I've been playing with it for a while now, and it is looking really good. And quite easy to use. And it supports HTTPS.

Really looking forward to see what EWB 3 has in store for us.

Thu, Dec 5 2019 4:44 AMPermanent Link

Huseyin Aliz

myBiss ApS


YES - I do use EWB Server, some projects with nginx in front, others as
standalone, working just fine Smile


Den 25-11-2019 kl. 13:37 skrev Walter Matte:
> All EWB Developers
> Do you use the EWB Server to host your EWB built applications?
> If YES - how well is it working for you?  Issues, Limitations?
> If NO - what backend server/technology do you use?  Issues Limitations?
> Walter
Tue, Dec 17 2019 3:07 PMPermanent Link




I exclusively use EWB for all my web work, over the years I've become very proficient at RAD with EWB.  The applets are a little bit large for mobile, but data is getting faster and cheaper, so I'm not too concerned.   People LOVE the UIs.

As for the server I use either PHP 7 for some (often smaller) applications, or mormot for the others which are "mamoth" large and complex.

PHP7 on unix (FreeBSD or Linux) is my typical environment when I have to involve other developers.  It's quick n dirty, but a low entry bar for developers so I can get them to write the backend and I'll whip up the GUI in minutes.  Also, it's good for teams because you can work independantly - it's not one big executable.

But Mormot is way more scalable than PHP, and has more security built-in.  I tend to make better thought-out apps with mormot, but maybe because it's more of an initial investment in time.  I'm mostly on Windows with mormot, I'd like to move to Unix but they don't support then Delphi compiler for Linux, only the FreePascal compiler, and it's not compatible with all my libraries.  

For mormot I use a reverse proxy from Apache to feed queries to the mormot server.  This allows me to integrate with enterprise-grade authentication: OpenID Connect, ADFS, etc. that would be a nightmare to add otherwise.

I'm keeping my eyes open for other technologies in the future, including Tim's new work.

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