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Tue, Mar 19 2019 5:05 PMPermanent Link

Mario Enríquez

Open Consult


I've run into this compile error and can not make sense of it. (Please see attached image)

The error pops up when I include a particular unit. But this very same unit is use elsewhere and compiles just fine..
Any ideas?


Attachments: CompileError.jpg
Wed, Mar 20 2019 3:04 AMPermanent Link

Michael Dreher

Mario Enríquez wrote:

  //  Any ideas?

Yeah, it happens to me all the time Smile
In your screenshot the component palette is empty. It looks like the IDE cannot
rebuild he component library because one oder more units refere to unit WebDOM.

Try to locate this unit and use a conditional define, something like this:

uses WebDesign, WebCore;     // <-- IDE component rebuild is looking at this
uses WebDOM, WebCore;         // <-- here WebDOM is not visible to IDE component rebuild

Michael Dreher
Wed, Mar 20 2019 2:15 PMPermanent Link

Mario Enríquez

Open Consult

Thank you Michael, you tip was spot on.

Didn't have use conditionals. Base on you advice, I managed to clean up some units, and it compile without errors.