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Thread New language features
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Tim Young [Elevate Software] wrote:


<< Not to pick on Elevate, but my only concern with almost any small software businesses would be to know that there is a succession plan.  I'd like to know generally that there is a source copy in escrow (legal word for safe recoverable backup) in case of fire or an accident, and that the family or heirs can pass a product along to someone who would maintain it if necessary. >>

> We originally actually had the software in escrow, but it changes so much now that it became a major pain to keep > updated (our lawyer's issue, not a technical one).

I have every confidence in you that you've made responsible plans.

I've spent years hearing the "what if you get hit by a bus" argument for my work.  Meanwhile, OS/2, Nortel, Sun.Microsystems, and a long list heavyweights did not have the same staying power. .

EWB Programming Books and Component Library
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Tim Young [Elevate Software]

Elevate Software, Inc.


Email timyoung@elevatesoft.com

<< Actually I write single-page web applications in a document-oriented manner on Angular framework. It's
usual way of building SPAs there. That is why we both suspected I'm trying to use EWB in a wrong way. >>

Yes, EWB uses absolute positioning at the browser level and uses its own layout manager for all layout.  It's one of the reasons why it can be snappier than more flow-oriented layouts that are managed by the browser: EWB efficiently calculate the position *once*, and then tells the browser to position the element/control at that position.

<< It's definitely due to cultural differencies. I really didn't mean anything bad. It's only me and my own expectation of what a trustworty (again only for me) DBMS should be. I guess I'm too categorical when it comes to such things. I didn't mean you're claiming adherance to some standards. It did not even occur to me. >>

I well aware of what our database products do or do not do, compared to other database products.  Did it ever occur to you that there are actual reasons *why* our database products are designed the way that they're designed ?

<< May I explain why, in my opinion, you are losing in the competition on this field? It's just my personal thoughts and opinion and not a try to insult you again. Of course, it's not necessary if you don't want it. >>

Please see my last statement.  You should try to remember that there are often many reasons why something is done a certain way, and typically it's not due to ignorance.

Tim Young
Elevate Software
Thu, Jun 28 2018 12:38 PMPermanent Link



I think all good things in software section is originally from one person. Development needs focus. AngularJS was from two person and maybe that is the reason  its story is ending. And then we have now very complex Angular  which learning curve is out of question to me. I did like AngularJS but it also did very soon get too complex (to me)

As a customer you vote with your money. I have voted many year for EWB. Sure it is not perfect product but you get unique product with unique features and the price is (too) low. What you get with your money is still miracle to me. License is super. Developer is the King.

Tim has pointed many times that new features will suffer of the lack of time. I do understand it. It is not a problem. Errors are corrected when found. What more can a developer ask?Features that actually do not work or are not updated and errors that are not corrected until you buy next version?
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