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Thread TPasswordEdit
Wed, May 23 2018 4:50 PMPermanent Link

Paul Waegemans

IMS bvba


with HTMLForm1 do
    url := 'modules/ewbmodule?SessionAddress='+SessionAddress+

does TPasswordEdit no accept special characters?    for example:     &"'(!

Thu, May 24 2018 4:18 AMPermanent Link

Matthew Jones

Paul Waegemans wrote:

>             '&Paswoord='+TRIM(PasswordEdit1.Text);
>      output:=Browser1;
>      submit;
>      end;
> does TPasswordEdit no accept special characters?    for example:     &"'(!

Two things - first, the parameter is "paswoord" in your code, and not "password" as spelled in English. If that is how you spell it, then fine, but just making sure - far too many times I've spent an hour chasing some non-obvious parameter typo.

Second, it will do, but you are going to be doing URL encoding on the string, so it probably gets sent as %1234 instead of the character. Thus you have to decode it to get it back to the proper character, and make sure it is in the right character set too.

I find it sensible to log at both ends for this sort of thing. Or, to be careful that you don't fix it and break existing passwords. The existing ones may actually be "pass%1234word".


Matthew Jones
Thu, May 24 2018 4:41 AMPermanent Link

Walter Matte

Tactical Business Corporation

Did you try a simple:

ShowMessage(TPasswordEdit.Text);   This works - so it is not the TPasswordEdit.

On the server side you need to URL_Decode the request.

As Matthew said - double check variable spelling...

Fri, May 25 2018 2:13 PMPermanent Link


I would use Params rather than relying on the assumption you can pass unicode on the URL.

EWB Programming Books and Component Library
Tue, May 29 2018 12:59 PMPermanent Link

Tim Young [Elevate Software]

Elevate Software, Inc.


Email timyoung@elevatesoft.com


<< does TPasswordEdit no accept special characters?    for example:     &"'(! >>

What problem are you having, exactly ?

EWB encodes all parameters in URLs when using the TServerRequest component, the browser encodes all parameters in URLs when using HTML forms, and the EWB Web Server decodes all URL parameters on the server side, so there shouldn't be any issues with what you're doing.

Tim Young
Elevate Software