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Thread Bug with EWB 3
Sun, Jan 16 2022 6:03 PMPermanent Link



There seems to be a bug with EWB, a hard one to duplicate, but it pops up often enough that I'm starting to see a pattern I think.

The problem that several of us have seen is that a databfield to a component other than the one you change, takes on a wrong value.

Like a TGrid suddenly points to the wrong dataset, even though you never edited that component.  It's maddening, and bigger projects seem more likely to have this happen.

My theory is that when multiple components on different forms have the same name (like Grid1), I think they stand a higher chance of getting the datasets confused, possibly something looks up the wrong page number somehow.

Does that seem similar to anyone else's experience, or is that just a coincidence?

I thought of this because sometimes a TButton erases the header reference to the associated OnClick function every time you compile.  But renaming the button to a unique name allows the association to stick.

As a fellow developer, I know that more accurate information is needed to narrow down where to look.  Hopefully we can find enough info to fix it.

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