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Thread How does OnShow Event Work?
Wed, Feb 2 2022 3:27 PMPermanent Link

Richard Harding

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I (and several others) do not understand how OnShow event works.

I have placed a project in the Binarys forum.
The EWB3 manual on page 257 states "To hide a form, call the TForm Hide method, which simply toggles the visibility of the form."
Is this true? Does the second time you call Hide, does the form form become visible?

The project has a form with three button.
* Button1: fmForm1.ShowModal
* Button2: fmForm2.Show
* Button3: fmForm3.Show

Button1 behaves as I expect.

fmForm2 has an About icon in the right panel and and Multi-line edit control in the right panel.
fmForm3 has an About icon in the right panel and 3 Edit controls in the left panel.

* Click on Button2
* fmForm2 becomes visible
* You can use the tab key to move between the two panels on fmForm2
* Click on Button3 - nothing happens   Why does nothing happen here?
* Click on Button3 again and fmForm3 becomes visible and works as I expect
* You can use the tab key step through the edit fields and the button in the right panel


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