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Thread A Presentation on EWB and mORMot
Thu, Dec 8 2016 11:46 AMPermanent Link


I don't know if anyone is interested, but I gave a recent talk about EWB and mORMot at an IT conference.

I don't have a copy from the conference, but I've put a home video up about the talk and demonstrate some applications.

Published on Dec 8, 2016

WatITis Talk : Web and Mobile Apps
By Erick Engelke
Director, Engineering Computing
University of Waterloo,
Ontario, Canada

What do users expect from today’s applications? Why is the web increasingly important for database applications? What is an enterprise-capable application? Which Web technology promises did not pan out? How can you leverage today’s tools for faster, reliable development of modern Web and Mobile applications? How can you reduce the amount of code and eliminate most run-time errors?

In this presentation, I answer the above questions and demonstrate using Elevate Web Builder and mORMot using SOA to create attractive, fast, powerful and useful applications.