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Thread How to use the TButtonComboBox?
Fri, Jun 11 2021 9:20 AMPermanent Link

Gyro Cosmic

Can someone explain the usage/purpose of the TButtonComboBox and TEditComboBox?

My initial though was that the combo boxes were the way to move the row in a TDataSet to point to the row the user selected. This turns out to be wrong. The ComboBox follows the DataSet's current row.

So what is the purpose of selecting with it as a bound control?

Also, as a bound control when I try to "find" based on the ComboBox.Text property there's a weird action where the find is successful and the bound column now has the correct value, but the row has either not changed or bounced right back to the original row that was selected. So trying to get any other column's data what's returned is the original row's data and not the found row's data. Is this supposed to be the behavior? Am I not understanding the point of the control?

The only way I've been able to use the control is to keep the DataSet and DataColumn fields blank and manually do the work of switching DataSet rows with a find in the OnChange event. Is unbound the expected way to use the drop down to control the DataSet row? Is another technique or control better suited to select and move a dataset's row?