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Thread TReader.Tag
Thu, Apr 28 2016 7:55 AMPermanent Link

Matthew Jones

Could a Tag, or other such general purpose property, be added to the
TReader please? [edit - scratch this!]

I have a JSON object that has multiple child arrays, each with a
different name. The LoadProperty override can spot it, and do a
LoadArray, but the LoadArrayElement doesn't know which array it is
loading. Now, of course I can use a property in the class, but it would
put the information where it is actually used if it was in the TReader.
Hmm, except it wouldn't would it - if the array children had multiple
arrays (and they might) then they'd use the same Tag.

So it is completely not needed, and would be a bad idea. I shall post
this anyway so that others can learn from my folly. 8-)


Matthew Jones