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Thread Passing Structs from RemObjects server
Sat, Mar 12 2016 9:32 AMPermanent Link

Andreas Blenk

Hi all,

i am trying to pass a Struct-Object from my RemObjects server back to EWB. I also defined the struct in EWB as external.

But by calling my method i always get something like this: " ... object doesn't support property or method "indexOf"...".
If i try it without passing a struct it works.

So my question is: Is it possible to pass structs from a RO-Server to EWB?
Second question: Where can i get the most recent ROSDKUtils? I have one. But don't know if it is the current one.

Thanks, Andreas
Sat, Mar 12 2016 10:23 AMPermanent Link

Andreas Blenk

I found a way that works. Now i can pass structs from RO-Server.

I just need to define my struct (in my case TApiServiceResult) like this:

 external TIntegerValue = class
   property dataType: String read write;
   property value: Integer read write;

 external TStringValue = class
   property dataType: String read write;
   property value: String read write;

 external TApiServiceResult = class
   property Message: TStringValue read write;
   property Description: TStringValue read write;
   property Code: TIntegerValue read write;