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Thread promises and await
Fri, Dec 11 2020 12:01 PMPermanent Link



This is a complex JavaScript question.

First, the eye candy. I made this example which tracks faces in EWB, but I had to resort to writing about 5 lines in pure JavaScript to do it.   


Now here's the question.

I've done a lot with JavaScript promises in EWB. usually promise(xxx,yyy).then( execthis ) and that works great.

But I've run into an increasing number of libraries that require async/await JavaScript extensions.  And I don't see any way to use them from EWB except by writing a short JavaScript TScript file that calls await in an async function.

One such example is TensorFlow libraries for Aritificial Intelligence which I used in the above.

The probem is knowing when a promise is completed.  If I could poll for it, that would be acceptable.  But I dont think JavaScript allows that.

Is there any way to handle async/await situations without actually  using asycn/await?

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