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Thread Form properties
Fri, May 10 2013 8:04 AMPermanent Link

Matthew Jones

On one form, I have a boolean value that is exposed using a property.

 m_bAnonymousPlease : Boolean;

public  property AnonymousPlease : boolean read m_bAnonymousPlease;

All the code that references it on the form is translated to the javascript:
     $t.tfrmjoin123_m_banonymousplease = true;
     if ($t.tfrmjoin123_m_banonymousplease)

When I access it from another form (the child form) the code is:

  if (fjoin_frmjoin123.m_banonymousplease)

This is not working because Chrome says that the latter value is "undefined". The
fjoin_frmjoin123 is valid, and has the value, but whatever mechanism is used to
retrieve the value is not working (though silently).

Should this work? Am I doing something wrong?

I've tried changing it to
   property AnonymousPlease : boolean read GetAnonymousPlease;
and defining the function, but that gets an exception "object #<fjoin_frmjoin123>
has no method 'getanonymousplease'"
I reference the parent form other times too, for other things, but haven't had this
trouble before. This is in the OnShow of the child form, but I can't see that this
should affect it as the form variable does appear to be okay.
/Matthew Jones/
Fri, May 10 2013 4:44 PMPermanent Link

Tim Young [Elevate Software]

Elevate Software, Inc.


Email timyoung@elevatesoft.com


<< Should this work? Am I doing something wrong? >>

Please send me an example project that demonstrates this.  I'll have to see
exactly what is going on, because the compiler isn't generating the correct
code, and this is something that is used all over the framework, so it's not
something obvious.

Tim Young
Elevate Software