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Thread Question For Tim: JSON Serialization and Deserialization
Mon, Dec 17 2012 5:22 AMPermanent Link


"Tim Young [Elevate Software]" wrote:

<<The issue is not with exposing the GetJSON calls, it's all of the other
housekeeping that deals with terminating the transaction, etc. that also
needs to be modified accordingly when the transaction isn't actually
committed by EWB's framework.  It's going to require some re-working to make
it all work.>>
Ok. I did'nt realize the level of "Delphish DB entaglement" in the JS libs.

<<Did you review the JSON reference to see if the transactional data coming
across would be sufficient for your needs in its *current* form ?>>
Briefly. I suppose a single WebAPI method could deserialize the transaction into a c# model, but from there I would need to manually extract and update my Azure Sql Server using entity framework. So I decided to face my fears and give ASP.NET Web Forms a try since this plugs right into the universe I'm using. I'm running a beta now...

Tim Young
Elevate Software
Mon, Dec 17 2012 5:53 AMPermanent Link



Consider interfacing to http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/home/scenarios/mobile-services/ before anyting else. It's originally designed to support mobile devices, but theres no reason why web builder should not be able to tap into this infrastructure. It is super-easy to create/mainain db's in the sky, and it's free to try for 90 days. It would be the perfect companion for web builder - propelling you into the clouds. IMHO Smile
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