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Thread Creating a report in a module?
Thu, Nov 21 2019 12:18 PMPermanent Link


Comca Systems, Inc

Walter Matte wrote:

>>Are the PDF's are already open....  are you viewing them and trying to serve them up at the same time?  Were >>the PDF just created by the program - and - did the program release them.  Or are these PDF's just sitting there >>as files on disk?


All the PDF files are on the disk in the document folder. I thought I could just feed the URL with a url string to the document, but that is when I get the error. Like URL:=

I did get the example program to work, with all the PDF files. In the example program it looks like it streams in to the URL like this:

I was trying this last night, but I like to do POST and not GET so this method would not work. I will try again tonight making it return a stream into the url.

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