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Icon Elevate Web Builder - End-to-End Rapid Application Development for the Web

Do you want to port your desktop application to the web, but can't afford the expensive development costs ?

Elevate Web Builder is a rapid application development environment for both client and server web applications. It is simple and easy to create beautiful web applications by dragging and dropping components on to a designer surface in the IDE. Developers can then use both the component inspector and code editor to modify component properties and add the necessary code to implement the desired application behaviors.

ImageThere is absolutely no need to learn JavaScript in order to use Elevate Web Builder. The product uses the statically-typed Object Pascal language for both client and server applications, allowing developers to quickly develop both tiers of the application without being required to constantly switch between multiple languages and development environments. For client browser applications, Elevate Web Builder compiles the application project into a dynamic, single-page web application driven entirely by the JavaScript emitted by the compiler. In addition, the compiler can automatically compress and obfuscate the emitted JavaScript to make your web applications very small and virtually unreadable by another developer. Both client browser and server applications can be deployed to a target web server and run directly in the IDE, and server applications can be remotely debugged directly in the IDE.

The Elevate Web Builder Web Server is included with the product and provides a low-cost, full-featured web server for deploying and running both client and server applications. The web server is a single executable, uses minimal resources, and can be deployed on a small, inexpensive VM instance.

Do you wish you could develop web applications in the same highly-productive way that your desktop applications are developed ?

Elevate Web Builder brings the productivity features of a desktop IDE to web application development:
  • A project manager for easily managing the source units and included external deployment files for client and server applications.

  • WYSIWYG designers for interactive creation of the user interface for client applications, along with a component navigator, component inspector for easy navigation of all components within a given designer.

  • A full-featured code editor with syntax highlighting, integrated code assistance, identifier lookups, and easy method navigation.

  • Both client and server component libraries with a full range of both UI controls and non-visual components for database access, executing server requests, timers, and sending email. The component libraries include complete source code and you can create new controls/components and install them into either component library using the IDE.

  • A WYSIWYG control interface editor for interactive customization of existing control interfaces, allowing one to change the look and feel of controls for each project or across multiple projects.

  • A server manager for easily managing any Elevate Web Builder web server directly in the IDE.

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