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Elevate Web BuilderDo you want to port your application to the web, but can't afford the expensive development costs ?

Elevate Web Builder is a visual rapid application development environment for web applications. It is simple and easy to create beautiful web applications by simply dragging and dropping components on to forms, and then changing their appearance and behaviors as desired.

There is absolutely no need to learn JavaScript in order to use Elevate Web Builder. The product uses a compiler to compile Object Pascal source code into JavaScript, emitting all necessary HTML and JavaScript. In addition, the compiler can automatically compress and obfuscate the emitted JavaScript to make your web applications small and virtually unreadable by another developer. You can then quickly and easily deploy your application to the destination of your choosing.

You can continue to leverage existing language skills and take advantage of the many optimizations that the compiler can provide compared to manually-coded JavaScript solutions. The compiler provides many features that are present in Object Pascal, but not explicitly supported in JavaScript, such as formal inheritance with virtual methods/overrides, constructors and destructors, object scopes (private, protected, public, published), unit interface and implementation scope, and proper method pointer scope for event handlers, to name just a few.

The Elevate Web Builder Web Server is included with the product. The web server can load web server modules (.dlls) created using the Delphi development environment from Embarcadero Technologies. Any existing non-visual Delphi desktop application code can be used in the web server modules. Database adapter components are also provided for exposing custom data sources as Elevate Web Builder datasets.

Do you wish you could develop web applications in the same highly-productive way that desktop applications have been developed for at least a decade ?

Elevate Web Builder brings the productivity features of a desktop IDE to web applications:
  • Project and unit management functionality

  • An integrated WYSIWYG form designer and code editor with dynamic code generation

  • A complete component library with label, button, edit, listbox, combo box, grid, image, icon, slideshow, progress bar, multimedia, container, page, toolbar, browser, database, server request, and timer components, including source code

  • The ability to easily create new components based upon existing components and add them to the component library

  • A dataset manager that can be used to define datasets for your database, and then allow you to drag and drop datasets in to your application

  • A WYSIWYG control interface designer for visual controls
and much more...

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