Icon Roadmap

The following is a list of features and improvements that we are currently working on for DBISAM, their scheduled implementation version (if available), and their completion status.

Scheduled ScheduledCompleted Completed
Client Access
Need to add Kylix support.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to reduce the amount of blank data that is sent to clients when remote read ahead is very large and the BOF or EOF is hit in a table or query result set.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to be able to retry a query via the OnQueryError event handler.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Add support for for different blocks sizes for different BLOB fields in the same table.
Add support for encrypting backups.
Add an engine event for handling custom collation (specifically for Linux).
Add support for optimizing filter and query expressions that involve an AND operator and can be optimized by an available concatenated index.
Ability to add non-DBISAM files to a backup in addition to the DBISAM tables.
Ability to abort backups via the OnBackupProgress event.
Add blob filtering via an event handler in the engine component.
Allow the VerifyTable to operate on tables while they are being used.
Allow for sorting in both directions using the same index.
Need to add the ability to specify which tables should be involved in a given transaction to reduce lock contention on a given database.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to add support for triggers.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to add support for limiting the concurrent number of logins per user in the database server.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to add timings to expression filter evaluations so that it can be determined how long a filter took to execute. Also need to add a separate panel in the Database System Utility for timings of SQScheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to add query plan functionality, or at the very least an indicator of the query optimization level.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to add the ability to limit the maximum number of licensed connections in the database server by code and not as part of the server configuration.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Add bitwise operators to available SQL and filter operators.
Make UNION queries show progress for the entire query, not just the individual select queries within the entire statement.
Need to allow for expressions that contain aggregate functions in SQL SELECT statements.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to allow for the use of expressions other than constants in BETWEEN, LIKE, IN operators as well as POS, REPLACE, and OCCURS functions.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to allow for compatible-type constants (such as BCD and float constants) in IF function expressions without requiring a CAST function call.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to add support for the CASE operator in SQL.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to add support for the use of integers (0=False, 1=True) as type-compatible with booleans.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to add support for EXCEPT and INTERSECT operations in SQL.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to add line numbers and column numbers to SQL and filter parse error messages.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to make the DBISAM server available as a component and add the ability to define server-side processes.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Add a no backup checkbox (default unchecked) for the DBSYS utility when altering the structure of a table.
Need to add an option for previewing the generated SQL code from the Database System Utility reverse-engineering option.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00
Need to make it so the utilities can be compiled using any version of Delphi, not just Delphi 5.Scheduled 4.00Completed 4.00