Icon Roadmap

The following is a list of features and improvements that we are currently working on for ElevateDB, their scheduled implementation version (if available), and their completion status.

Scheduled ScheduledCompleted Completed
Client Access
Elevate Web Builder JSON dataset functionality in PHP extensionScheduled 2.11Completed 2.14
64-bit Linux and MacOS Support for DelphiScheduled 2.35Completed 2.35
64-bit Linux Support for Lazarus/Free PascalScheduled 2.35Completed 2.35
Ability to copy database objects
Ability to lock databases exclusively and have all database DDL operations buffered until database is closed
Allow for the use of managed code assemblies for external modules under .Net
Nested transaction support
Cascading updates and deletes for foreign-key constraints
Binary GUID data type
Multi-directional replicationScheduled 2.00Completed 2.00
Defaulting configuration paths to blank("") and issuing an error if the configuration path is blank, along with design-time editor for selectionScheduled 2.00Completed 2.00
NexusDB migrator moduleScheduled 2.02Completed 2.02
Customizable transaction timeouts for specifiying how long a transaction waits for the applicable locksScheduled 2.03Completed 2.03
Option to exclude specific sessions from the ElevadeDB Server license countScheduled 2.03Completed 2.03
Ability to rename database objectsScheduled 2.03Completed 2.03
Cached updates functionalityScheduled 2.03Completed 2.03
Have views now automatically update their columns when the base tables or views involved in the view SELECT definition change.Scheduled 2.03Completed 2.03
Add ability to enable and disable triggers, as well as specify their execution order.Scheduled 2.03Completed 2.03
Need to have the Unicode DBISAM migrator modules properly map any string columns in the source table to the proper code page during the migration process.Scheduled 2.03Completed 2.03
Query optimizer has ability to optimize conditions using multi-column indexesScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
Ability to mark tables as read-only at the catalog levelScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
Improved verify/repair with better performance and selectable verification levelScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
LOAD triggers for loading replication updatesScheduled 2.04Completed 2.05
Virtual configurations (store configuration file in-memory)Scheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
Universal triggers for insert, update, and delete operationsScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
ANSI/Unicode encoding options for importing/exportingScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
Custom attributes for database objectsScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
User-defined versioning for jobs, views, procedures, and functionsScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
Selectable NULL behavior (standard vs. non-standard)Scheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
Fail-safe writes with global file I/O buffering enabledScheduled 2.36
Ability to retrieve execution plans for EXECUTE and EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statements
Error messages for ambiguous column references in joined SELECT statements
Ability to specify the precision for the values returned by the CURRENT_DATE, CURRENT_TIME, or CURRENT_TIMESTAMP functions
SET PROGRESS, SET STATUS MESSAGE, and SET LOG MESSAGE SQL/PSM statements for scripts, procedures, etc. along with an ABORT statement and ABORTED function for allowing end users to abort scripts, proceScheduled 2.00Completed 2.00
Derived tables in queries implemented as viewsScheduled 2.01Completed 2.01
New LIST aggregate function for concatenating values within a group or for the entire queryScheduled 2.01Completed 2.01
Ability to generate sensitive results sets for SELECT statements with sub-queries in the SELECT column listScheduled 2.03Completed 2.03
ARRAY typeScheduled 2.03Completed 2.03
ORDER BY..RANGE queries use existing indexesScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
ROW value constructor supportScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
Allow parameters for CREATE TABLE AS statementsScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
DISTINCT clause in aggregate functionsScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
EMPTY TABLE statement for truncating tablesScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
BEGIN..FINALLY SQL/PSM statement blocksScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
New VERIFY TABLE statementScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
Ability to log custom information, warning, or error events into the ElevateDB log managerScheduled 2.13Completed 2.27
Messaging layer for general messaging notifications and broadcasts with the ElevateDB server
64-bit Linux port of ElevateDB ServerScheduled 2.35Completed 2.35
Templates for SQL statements and scripts in ElevateDB Manager
Multi-select for executing the same operation on multiple objects
Unprepare option for statements and scripts in the ElevateDB ManagerScheduled 2.00Completed 2.00
Ability to save and restore the current session view in the ElevateDB ManagerScheduled 2.01Completed 2.01
Improved key handling in the SQL editor for word selection, etc. in the ElevateDB ManagerScheduled 2.01Completed 2.01
Integrated script debugging in the ElevateDB ManagerScheduled 2.02Completed 2.02
Selectable sorts for database objects, creation order or alphabetical by object name. in the ElevateDB ManagerScheduled 2.02Completed 2.02
Copy On Append functionality in the ElevateDB ManagerScheduled 2.02Completed 2.02
Drag and drop operations for moving around columns in the ElevateDB ManagerScheduled 2.02Completed 2.02
Individual object reverse-engineering in the ElevateDB ManagerScheduled 2.03Completed 2.03
Global object searchScheduled 2.05Completed 2.05
Improved reverse-engineering with dependency-checking and DROP scriptsScheduled 2.12Completed 2.12
Reverse-engineering for Configuration database objectsScheduled 2.12Completed 2.12