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The following are the most frequently-asked questions for ElevateDB. Please click on the desired question in order to view the answer.

Question Is ElevateDB compatible with DBISAM or can it access DBISAM tables ?

Question How do I change the path of a defined database after a database has been moved to a different location ?

Question When creating tables there are defaults for index page size, BLOB block size, and buffering sizes. Is there a way to determine what the best values would be for a particular table ?

Question When I try to migrate a database to ElevateDB using the ElevateDB Manager, the combo box does not contain any migrators. Why are there no migrators ?

Question How do I re-compile the ElevateDB Manager or ElevateDB Server ? I'm getting errors about missing components when I try to load the edbmgr or edbsrvr projects in Delphi.

Question Why does a query with joins in the WHERE clause take a very long time to execute in ElevateDB ?

Question When I try to share the same database with multiple client applications, I receive the error "ElevateDB Error #300 Cannot lock database [DatabaseName] for shared access" when I start the second client application. Why am I receiving this error ?

Question When running an ASP.NET application that uses the ElevateDB ODBC Driver, an application fault referring to the IDispenserDriver::DestroyResource method occurs after a few operations using the driver. What could be causing this ?

Question I've installed the ODBC Driver on a 64-bit version of Windows, and the installation completed properly. However, I cannot find the ElevateDB ODBC Driver in the list of drivers in the ODBC Administrator. Why is the ElevateDB ODBC Driver not listed ?

Question How do I alter the starting value for an existing column that is defined as GENERATED AS IDENTITY ?

Question When can't I configure the ElevateDB Server to use a configuration file or database path that is on a network drive and run it properly as a Windows service ?

Question I am evaluating the VCL trial version of ElevateDB for Delphi/C++Builder, and when compiling I get the error "edbcomps.dcu not found". What am I doing wrong ?

Question How do I retrieve the effective table privileges for a particular user ?

Question When I install the 64-bit Windows version of the ElevateDB VCL product into RAD Studio XE2 or higher, I don't see any components on the component palette. Is this a bug ?

Question How do I create a table from an existing TEDBTable/TEDBQuery's field definitions (FieldDefs property), similar to the CreateTable method in DBISAM ?

Question I am experiencing an unhandled access violation (Error #9999) in the ElevateDB Server when my application is running. How do I determine the cause of the problem and get the problem resolved ?