Icon Roadmap

The following is a list of features and improvements that we are currently working on for Elevate Web Builder, their scheduled implementation version (if available), and their completion status.

Scheduled ScheduledCompleted Completed
Client Access
Delphi TDataSet component set for web server database accessScheduled 3.03
Command-line compilerScheduled 1.03Completed 1.03
Improved compilation of internal system functions (prevent scope inversion)Scheduled 1.03Completed 1.03
Run-time Type Information (RTTI)Scheduled 2.00Completed 2.00
Sync keyword for waiting on asynchronous functions/methodsScheduled 3.04
Component Library
HTML5 canvas support (TPaint control)Scheduled 1.02Completed 1.02
Docking of controlsScheduled 1.02Completed 1.02
Audio/Video controlsScheduled 1.03Completed 1.03
Slideshow controlScheduled 1.03Completed 1.03
Automatic layout of controlsScheduled 2.00Completed 2.00
Tabbed notebook controlScheduled 2.00Completed 2.00
Touch supportScheduled 2.00Completed 2.00
Menu controlScheduled 2.01Completed 2.01
Date/time picker controlScheduled 2.01Completed 2.01
Google Maps controlScheduled 2.01Completed 2.01
Responsive design overflow layout optionScheduled 2.01Completed 2.01
Font icons in all control interfacesScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
Treeview controlScheduled 3.02
Flow layout controlScheduled 3.02
Formal drag and drop supportScheduled 3.02
File access for browser applicationsScheduled 3.02
Font icon support and external web font supportScheduled 2.04Completed 2.04
Intra-form/database component referencesScheduled 2.05Completed 2.05
TDatabase designer instances in the IDEScheduled 2.05Completed 2.05
Better drawing performance in the IDE designersScheduled 2.06Completed 2.06
Code completionScheduled 3.00Completed 3.00
Linux port of the web serverScheduled 3.03
Web Server
External, deployable HTTP server that supports dataset JSON handling and static contentScheduled 1.01Completed 1.01
Pluggable, native-code modules for external HTTP serverScheduled 1.01Completed 1.01
Server-side code execution and debuggingScheduled 3.00Completed 3.00
TLS supportScheduled 3.00Completed 3.00