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The following is the list of incident reports from the most current version to the oldest version. You can select any of the links to see the new incident reports for a given version or incident reports that have been addressed in a given version. You can also search the incident reports using keywords by clicking on the Search Incident Reports link.

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VersionReleased OnNewSeriousMinorAddressed
3.02 (Final)4/26/20222321237
3.01 (Final)4/15/20212421325
3.00 (Final)1/13/2021151320
2.06 (Final)4/10/2017986929138
2.05 (Final)8/18/201648311734
2.04 (Final)12/29/20152620618
2.03 (Final)11/12/20151815314
2.02 (Final)10/13/201530181242
2.01 (Final)8/26/201531211026
2.00 (Final)6/22/20152413113
1.05 (Final)1/27/20153309
1.04 (Final)10/14/20145418
1.03 (Final)1/17/20143628859
1.02 (Final)6/2/201357282952
1.01 (Final)10/25/201256391751
1.00 (Final)8/21/20122211110
Defect Rate3 serious and 1 minor incidents per month
Quality Level100% of incidents addressed