Icon New Incident Reports for 2.00

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 2.00. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

14177Elevate Web Builder 2 Installation Tries to Remove Existing Elevate Web Builder 1 InstallationNo
24188Calls to Implementation-Only Functions/Procedures from Within a Class Cause an AV at Design-TimeNo
24189Saving a Unit with Implementation Errors Can Cause Event Assignments to Be Cleared for a FormNo
24190Installing Elevate Web Builder to a Different Location Can Result in Component Library ErrorsNo
24191TButtonComboBox Not Working Properly in the HTC One M8 Phone BrowserNo
24192OnKeyPress Event Not Passing the Correct Keystroke CharacterNo
24196Line Separators Incorrectly Set to Only LF Instead of CRLF in List-Based ControlsNo
24200Controls Not Working Properly in Forms that are Parented by Other ControlsNo
24201Adding Items for EditComboBox Grid Control at Runtime Not WorkingNo
24211Using Enumeration Members without Using the Enumeration Type Can Cause Incorrect Emitted JavaScriptYes
24212TGrid Updates Not Working Properly When Data-Bound with DataSet Containing a Single RowNo
24213TWriter Boolean Property Not Emitting JSON Boolean Values as Lower-CaseNo
24214TFileComboBox Control Not Working in iOSNo

Minor Problems

14178TimeToStr Function Not Formatting Time Values CorrectlyNo
14179Manuals and Web Site Mention Windows XP as Base Supported Operating SystemNo
24186Code Editor Text Selections Cannot Be Extended Using the KeyboardNo
24187Block Indent/Unindent Affecting Text Outside of Selection in Code EditorNo
24193Editing ADO DataSet's Attributes Property Causes Invalid ErrorNo
24194Add to Project Option Not Working in Project Manager When Project Node SelectedYes
24195Internal Web Server Port Conflicts Not Displaying Proper Error DialogNo
24197Clicking on the Run Button in the IDE with a Running Application Active Can Cause ErrorNo
24198Selecting Save All in IDE after Creating a New Component Causes Save Attempt on Internal IDE ProjectNo
24199TImage Controls with Blank URL Property Showing a Border in Chrome and OperaNo
24202ftShortint Field Type Not Handling Properly by TEWBDataSetAdapter ComponentNo