Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.05

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.05. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

14334Accented Characters Not Being Handled Properly in EWB Web ServerNo
14385OnShow Event Handler Not Firing for TPage InstancesNo
14386OnShow Event Handler Being Triggered for TPage Instance After Form ClosedNo
14387ElevateDB Generated Identity Columns Cause Read-Only Error During Transaction CommitYes
14391Using the Full IDE after Having the Trial Version IDE Installed Causes Component Library Build ErrorYes
14392Command-Line Compiler Not Handling External Web Fonts CorrectlyNo
14393Selecting Last Day of January in TCalendar Control Causes Row Index ErrorNo
14394Using Override Directive with Methods of Classes Declared in Implementation Section Causes ErrorNo
14395Transactions Against ADO DataSets Using MySQL ODBC Driver Experience Commit ErrorNo
14397Cross-Origin Resource Load Requests Not Working for DataSet BLOBs (Images)No
14398Open Library Units in IDE Can Incorrectly Affect Compiler Search Paths for ProjectYes
14399Using Insert Method on Empty TMultiLineEdit Lines Property Causes ErrorNo
14400TWriter StringValue Method Not Escaping Reserved Characters ProperlyNo
14401TPagePanel Navigation Not Working Properly at Design-TimeNo
14402SelectAll Method Not Working for TMultiLineEdit ControlNo
14404TGrid OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave Events Not Firing ProperlyNo
14405Save Button Not Working on TDataSetToolBar When DataSet State is dsInsertNo
14408The TDatabase LoadTransactions Method Is Not Working ProperlyNo
14409Layouts with Sibling Controls that Trigger Overflow Not Resulting in Proper Re-PositioningNo
14410Making the Tab of Last Page of a TPagePanel Invisible Allows Contained Controls to Remain VisibleNo
24411TPagePanel Still Shows Tabs When TabsVisible Property is FalseNo
24412TControl Updates Not Being Flushed to DOM Elements During Form OnCreate ExecutionNo
24413Portions of TButton Control Not ClickableNo
24414Example Data Not Included with InstallationsNo
34416OnShow Events Improperly Firing for Components on Forms During Form LoadingNo
44417TMap Control Not Initializing Map Support ProperlyNo

Minor Problems

14328Using AlwaysOnTop with TSizeGrip Causes Display Order IssuesNo
14388Creating Radio Buttons Dynamically at Run-Time Causes SelectionState Property to ChangeYes
14389Using the Project Options Dialog to Add External Fonts to a Project Causes Invalid Emitted HTMLYes
14390Using Inc Procedure on Array Element Causes Compiler ErrorNo
14396Double-Clicking on Cell in TGrid Instance to Close Modal Form Causes ErrorYes
14403TLabel and TLink Controls Showing Text Vertically-Centered at Design-TimeNo
24415Master-Detail Database Example Project Missing the Database Definition FileNo
44418Trying to Show the Messages Panel with an Active Find In Units Search Causes Error in the IDENo