Icon New Incident Reports for 1.00

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 1.00. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13643Container Controls Firing OnMouseLeave When Mouse Enters Child ControlNo
13645Theme Colors Not Being Emitted ProperlyNo
13647Closing the IDE When Minimized Causes Startup Issues After RestartYes
13648Changing the FormatSettings.DecimalSeparator to Comma Causes Incorrect FloatToStr ResultsNo
13649Help Manager in the IDE Can Experience Floating Point Division By Zero Errors at RandomNo
13652Setting FormatSettings ShortDateFormat to Certain Formats Causes ErrorNo
13655Combo Boxes on Panels Stay Visible after Containing Form is HiddenNo
13656TImage Component Stetching Image Content Even with Stretch Property Set to FalseNo
13659The TTimer Create Method Not Declared Properly and Causes Timers Not To WorkYes
13661Non-Data-Bound Grid Components Not Handling Check Boxes CorrectlyNo
53747Content-Length Incorrectly Being Included in TDatabase Commit POST Server RequestsYes

Minor Problems

13603Uninstalling Trial and Installing Full Product Causes Compilation Error Due to Wrong Framework PathYes
13621Trying to Close a Project Opened from a Read-Only Folder Causes ErrorNo
13624Minor IDE Keyboard Usage Issues PresentNo
13625Theme Editor Can Cause Race Condition with Context MenuNo
13640Min Height Processing for Panels/Forms Not Working Properly When ShowCaption=FalseNo
13644Panels Showing Colored Borders in Chrome Browser When FocusedNo
13646Deleting All DataSets in the DataSet Manager Disables the Add DataSet ButtonNo
13651Browse for Folder Button in Project Options/Deployment Not Working CorrectlyNo
13653Documentation for Dec Function IncorrectNo
13658Saving a Project with the Same Name as a Unit Can Cause Access ViolationYes
13660Cannot Click on a Row in TGrid When RowSelect is True and Column Being Clicked is ReadOnlyNo