Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 1.02

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 1.02. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13727Form Submittal Element Names Aren't Being Isolated by their Containing FormsNo
13747Content-Length Incorrectly Being Included in TDatabase Commit POST Server RequestsYes
13759TWindow setTimeout Method Declared Incorrectly in the WebDOM UnitYes
13769Panels Using Incorrect Form Theme PartsNo
13770OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave Events Not Firing Properly for the TPanel ControlNo
13772Hidden Columns in TGrid Cause Runtime ErrorNo
13779Cookie Expires Attribute Not Being Handled Properly by the Web ServerYes
13780JSON Boolean Values Are Incorrectly Being Sent as True and False Instead of true and falseNo
13781Changing the TCombobox ItemIndex Property Does Not Change the Text ValueNo
13784IDE Not Clearing Event Properties for Shared Event Handlers When Event Handler is Deleted in CodeNo
13785FTP Deployment Functionality Not Using Passive ModeNo
13786FormatSettings ShortTimeFormat Property Not Being Set ProperlyNo
13787Directly Calling an Event Handler with No Parameters Causes Compiler Access ViolationNo
13788Single-Column Primary Keys in ADO DataSet Base Tables Can Cause Error During CommitsNo
13793Compiler Allows the Same Procedure to be Implemented Twice in the Same UnitNo
13794TFormatSettings LongDayNames and LongMonthNames Properties Using Incorrect Array IndexesNo
13795Committing a Transaction with Updates Against a Table with BLOB Columns Causes ErrorNo
13796Freeing a TRadioButton on a Form Can Cause an ErrorNo
23810Theme Editor Experiencing Sizing Issues During Theme ModificationsNo
23814Text Selection Not Working Properly in Chrome BrowserNo
23815TComboBox ItemIndex Not Set Properly When One or More Items Contains More than One SpaceNo
23850Freeing a Dynamically-Created Form Whose Parent is Another Container Control Can Cause ErrorNo
23851Mouse Events Not Working on iOS PlatformNo
23853Invisible Controls Not Being Assigned Correct Internal Control Bounds for Docking and PositioningNo
23854Web Server Not Taking Into Account Daylight Savings Time During Date/Time ConversionsNo
23855Example Theme Files Not Being Copied Properly During InstallationNo
23857Compiler Improperly Allowing Access to Protected Property ReferencesNo
23858Setting Shortened ShortTimeFormat Formats Without AM/PM Specifier Causes ErrorsNo
23860Invisible Controls Not Docking Properly in the Form DesignerNo
23863Compiler Allowing Duplicate CASE OptionsYes
23864Compiler Not Allowing Subtraction of Integers from DateTime ValuesNo
23866Duplicate Class Method Implementations Not Being Caught By CompilerNo

Minor Problems

13773Compiler Allowing Enumerated Type PrefixesYes
13783Text Selection Incorrectly Expanded When New Event Handlers Created in the Code EditorNo
13790Cannot Set the Focus to a Specific Control in the OnShow Event Handler for a FormNo
13792Hot State for TButton Controls Does not Override the Focused StateNo
13797Component Names Can Be Incorrectly Removed in the IDEYes
13799Transparent Controls Lose Their Transparency When Parent Color Changed and ParentColor=TrueNo
13800TComboBox Not Allowing for Proper Editing When AllowEdit=TrueNo
13801Certain Dates Are Being Altered When Saved to a DataSet Using a TransactionNo
13802Cannot Change the Item Text in a TListBoxNo
23805Manual Not Showing All of New Controls/ComponentsNo
23812Cannot Update More than One Control's Dimensions at the Same Time in the Object InspectorNo
23836Changes to the ClientHeight or ClientWidth Properties of a TForm Aren't Saved ProperlyNo
23849Auto-Sizing of Right-Aligned Labels and Links Not Updating Control Width ProperlyNo
23852Mouse Cursor Does Not Always Stay Positioned Over TSplitter ProperlyNo
23856Removing Projects from the Welcome Page Can Cause Project Listing to Become Visually CorruptedYes
23859TGrid Cell Selection Can Cause Error When Grid Columns Are ClearedNo
23861Resizing Controls in the Form Designer Can Cause Mouse Cursor IssuesNo
23862Manual Example for MessageDlg Procedure IncorrectNo
23865Form/Panel Icon Images Smaller than the Defined Theme Icon Resulting in Tiling of ImagesNo
23867Multi-Line Descriptions for DataSets in DataSet Manager Can Cause Access ViolationNo