Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 3.02

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 3.02. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

14803EWB Native Server Modules Installation Results in Error When Loading ProjectsNo
14851Not Including the WebCore Unit Reference in a Source Unit Can Cause Odd Compiler ErrorsNo
14856TDataSet Close Method Not Notifying Data-Bound Controls that the DataSet Has Been ClosedNo
14860Dragging and Dropping Multple Components in the Component Navigator Can Cause an AVNo
14861New Users are Created As Active When They Should be Created as InactiveNo
14862Using the DIV Operator with Integers Will Result in an Unexpected Compilation ErrorNo
14863Disabled Menu Items Are Not Skipped When Navigating Using Arrow KeysNo
14864External Module Parsing and Source Code Generation Not Working CorrectlyNo
14866StrToInt and StrToDouble Not Rejecting Strings Containing Alphabetic CharactersNo
14867Control Values Not Saved Properly for Unbound TGrid Controls When Focus Shifted Away from GridNo
14868TButtonComboBox Controls Not Displaying Items Properly During InitializationNo
14873Assigning a Component a Duplicate Name on a Form/Database and Trying to Navigate Away Causes LoopNo
14874TDataSet Find Method Setting Invalid Row Index When FindNearest Parameter EnabledNo
24875Help File Contains Invalid Characters Instead of SlashesNo
24876New Installations Can Experience Errors Trying to Perform Operations with the Internal Web ServerNo
24877External Files Not Loading Properly in the Project ManagerNo
34878Compilation Errors with Server Applications that Reference the WebHTTP UnitNo
44879Mouse Events Not Firing Correctly for TGrid ControlNo
54880Setting the TGridColumn SortDirection Property at Design-Time Causes ErrorNo
54882Clicking the Add Column Button for the TGrid Control at Design-Time Results in ErrorsNo
54883Cannot Set the TEdit Text Property Programmatically When the ReadOnly Property is TrueNo
64890Multi-Selection in TGrid Control Not WorkingNo
64891Drop-Down Controls Not Triggering DataSet Events ProperlyNo
64892Using Multiple Sort Columns When Sorting DataSet Results in Incorrect SortNo
74889Reference Counts for Permissions Assigned to DataSet Commands Not Decrementing When Command RemovedYes
74895Transactions Not Working in Server Applications Due to New IncludeInTransaction Property BugNo
74896Running a Server Application in the IDE Can Result in a 403 Error if the Connection Has DroppedYes
84898Mismatched Method Declarations with Default Parameters Not Caught by the CompilerNo
84899Intrinsic VarType Function Not Handling Null Object References ProperlyNo
84902Modifying a Column Value Twice Results in Data-Bound Controls Not Updating on Second ModificationNo
84904Invalid Hex Constants are Not Caught by the Compiler and Can Result in an Access ViolationNo
84905Compiler Not Resolving Functions in Project Unit for Non-Visual Projects CorrectlyNo

Minor Problems

14870TPersistentStorage Component Documentation Has Incorrect Help LinkNo
74894Music Collection Example Client Application Contains Syntax ErrorsYes
74897TGridColumn Drop-Down Controls Do Not Close Up When Clicking the Drop-Down ButtonNo