Icon New Incident Reports for 1.02

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 1.02. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13810Theme Editor Experiencing Sizing Issues During Theme ModificationsNo
13814Text Selection Not Working Properly in Chrome BrowserNo
13815TComboBox ItemIndex Not Set Properly When One or More Items Contains More than One SpaceNo
13850Freeing a Dynamically-Created Form Whose Parent is Another Container Control Can Cause ErrorNo
13851Mouse Events Not Working on iOS PlatformNo
13853Invisible Controls Not Being Assigned Correct Internal Control Bounds for Docking and PositioningNo
13854Web Server Not Taking Into Account Daylight Savings Time During Date/Time ConversionsNo
13855Example Theme Files Not Being Copied Properly During InstallationNo
13857Compiler Improperly Allowing Access to Protected Property ReferencesNo
13858Setting Shortened ShortTimeFormat Formats Without AM/PM Specifier Causes ErrorsNo
13860Invisible Controls Not Docking Properly in the Form DesignerNo
13863Compiler Allowing Duplicate CASE OptionsYes
13864Compiler Not Allowing Subtraction of Integers from DateTime ValuesNo
13866Duplicate Class Method Implementations Not Being Caught By CompilerNo
23926TDataSet GetColumns Method Not Returning Correct JSON StringYes
23927JSON for Database Transactions Sent to Web Server with Embedded CRLFsYes
23929Hidden First Column in Grid Can Cause DOM Property ErrorNo
23930Accented Dataset Parameter Values Not Being Handled Properly as UTF-8 in Web ServerNo
23932EncodeDateTime Function Not Handling Month Parameter Properly for UTC DateTime ValuesNo
23933Disabled TCheckbox Controls Still Allow Checking/UncheckingNo
23936TImage Stretch Property Not Working When Control is DockedNo
23939Web Server Not Handling ADO DataSet Updates and Deletes ProperlyNo
23941ComponentCount Not Being Decremented Properly When Owned Components are FreedNo
23943Compiler Performing Case-Sensitive CASE Option Duplicate CheckingNo
23947Mouse Enter/Leave Events Not Firing Correctly for Panels with Contained Controls Near/Over BorderNo
23965Embedded JSON in JSON String Causes Error in TParser ComponentNo
23918EncodeDate Function Not Initializing Time Portion of DateTime Value to 0No
23976Controls Placed Past End of Client Area Revert to Client Area on Form Reload at Design TimeNo

Minor Problems

13805Manual Not Showing All of New Controls/ComponentsNo
13812Cannot Update More than One Control's Dimensions at the Same Time in the Object InspectorNo
13836Changes to the ClientHeight or ClientWidth Properties of a TForm Aren't Saved ProperlyNo
13849Auto-Sizing of Right-Aligned Labels and Links Not Updating Control Width ProperlyNo
13852Mouse Cursor Does Not Always Stay Positioned Over TSplitter ProperlyNo
13856Removing Projects from the Welcome Page Can Cause Project Listing to Become Visually CorruptedYes
13859TGrid Cell Selection Can Cause Error When Grid Columns Are ClearedNo
13861Resizing Controls in the Form Designer Can Cause Mouse Cursor IssuesNo
13862Manual Example for MessageDlg Procedure IncorrectNo
13865Form/Panel Icon Images Smaller than the Defined Theme Icon Resulting in Tiling of ImagesNo
13867Multi-Line Descriptions for DataSets in DataSet Manager Can Cause Access ViolationNo
23900Paint Example Project Not Created with IE HTML5 Compiler Option EnabledYes
23923Form Embedding Example Not Installed with Example Applications InstallationYes
23924Ctrl-Left and Crtl-Right Keystrokes Don't Stop at Line EndsNo
23925Find Text at Cursor Not Using Selected Text for Find OperationsNo
23928Web Server Not Echoing Test Form Submittal URL PostsNo
23934Trying to Call an Event Handler Parameter Directly Causes Compiler ErrorYes
23935Compiler Does Not Allow Subtracting a Time Value from Another Time ValueNo
23937Incorrect Manual Information About FormatSettings ShortMonthNamesNo
23938TDataSet Component Allows Rows to be Edited Without the DataSet Being in an Editable ModeNo
23940Class Property Example in Manual Does Not Work Properly when RunNo
23942TPersistentStorage Access by Index Not Working ProperlyNo
23944Cannot Click into TGrid Read-Only Columns in Order to Navigate to a New RowNo
23945Cannot Select Multiple TImage Controls and Change the ImageName PropertyNo
23948TDataSet Close Method Incorrectly Clearing Sort ColumnsYes
23952TCookies Exist Method Not Working ProperlyNo
23964Duplicate TComboBox List Items Causes Problems with Getting/Setting ItemIndex PropertyNo
23967Strange Behavior in TRadioButton with GroupIndex of 0No
23971Scroll Bar Changes at Design-Time Causing Panels/Forms to Position Controls Incorrectly at RuntimeNo