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Serious Serious
Reported By: Christian Kaufmann
Reported On: 6/18/2013
For: Version 1.02 Build 1
# 3815 TComboBox ItemIndex Not Set Properly When One or More Items Contains More than One Space

TComboBox.ItemIndex is not set correctly.

It only happens when loading the items from the TDataSet. I couldn't reproduce with Items defined in IDE or Items where I loaded a static text.

- Start sample project
- Click "Load Data"
- Select an item with "  -  nn years" in it

In EWB ItemIndex is set correctly. When I launch it in Firefox or Chrome, ItemIndex is -1 for these items.

Comments Comments
This problem was caused by the fact that certain browsers, but not all, remove duplicate spaces from the display text of listbox items. This causes searches for items with more than space to fail. The TListControl control now works around this by using its own TStrings instance to manage the searching of the listbox items.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 6/18/2013 in version 1.02 build 2

Products Affected Products Affected
Elevate Web Builder
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