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Reported By: Harald Filek
Reported On: 6/12/2013
For: Version 1.02 Build 1
# 3859 TGrid Cell Selection Can Cause Error When Grid Columns Are Cleared

I found a issue (first with 1.02b1) with Columns.Clear. When the below code is executed this error comes up:
"for the property "childNodes" no value can be obtained. The object is null or undefined".

Now the funny thing, this is only if Grid1.RowSelect = False. If Grid1.RowSelect = True the code work fine. In 1.01 the code works in both cases. This happens with "all" Browsers.

I don't know if the Columns.Clear is the problem or the Columns.Add afterwards.

procedure TLookupForm.CloseData;
   Grid1.Columns.Clear; // This causes error

Comments Comments
This was just an artifact of how IE dispatches mouse events. The columns were getting cleared before the dbl-click was done processing, and the result was that the grid tried to retrieve a cell that didn't exist anymore. FF, for example, didn't have this issue. The TGrid control now protects against invalid cell selections like this.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 6/14/2013 in version 1.02 build 2

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